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Comprehensive Mental Health Services & Behavioral Health Treatment

Personalized, evidence-based psychiatric treatment to improve your quality of life.

Comprehensive Mental Health Services & Behavioral Health Treatment

Welcome to Real Psychiatric Services, your trusted provider of mental health care in Columbus, Ohio. We offer a wide array of services to address mental illness, substance abuse, and behavioral health needs in our county and beyond.

Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing high-quality, compassionate care to help you on your journey to recovery and improved well-being.

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“Each person’s journey is unique, which is why we take the time to listen to your concerns, understand your experiences, and develop a tailored treatment plan that addresses your specific needs and goals. Your emotional well-being matters to us, and we are committed to providing you with the highest standard of care”

David Glenn – PMHNP, RN

We are proud and humbled by our valued patient reviews

New Team Members

We are excited to have Dr. Robert A. Campbell, II, MD, FASAM, FACS, join our team as Collaborating Physician!

Dr. Campbell is a board-certified Addiction Psychiatrist with more than 37 years of experience in medicine. His unique blend of expertise in surgery and psychiatry sets him apart. He has held leadership positions at prestigious institutions and is dedicated to providing exceptional patient care, promoting education, and advocating for mental health.

With his diverse background and strong passion for mental health, he brings valuable insights to our team. Read more about Dr. Campbell’s remarkable background in our Announcements Page.

We are thrilled to introduce Autumn Persinger PMHNP-BC, MSN, RN, CCRN as our newest addition to the team, working alongside David as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

Autumn’s extensive background in nursing spans various critical areas including the emergency department, critical care units, inpatient psychiatric settings, and rapid response teams.

As a board-certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Autumn is committed to leveraging her diverse clinical experience to provide comprehensive and compassionate care to our patients. Her dedication to exploring new opportunities in mental health care reflects her strong desire to make a positive impact on the well-being of the community we serve.

What are the signs that I might benefit from therapy?

Signs that therapy might be helpful include persistent feelings of sadness, anxiety, or hopelessness, difficulty coping with daily life, strained relationships, or a desire to understand yourself better.

How can therapy help me?

Therapy provides a safe and supportive space to explore your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. It can help you gain insights, develop coping strategies, improve communication skills, manage stress, and enhance overall well-being

How do I find the right therapist?

Finding the right therapist involves considering factors such as their expertise, approach to therapy, personality fit, and availability. It can be helpful to schedule an initial consultation to see if you feel comfortable and understood.

Will therapy be confidential?

Yes, therapy sessions are confidential. Therapists are bound by ethical guidelines to protect your privacy and maintain confidentiality, except in situations where there is a risk of harm to yourself or others.

How long does therapy typically last?

The duration of therapy varies depending on individual needs and goals. Some people may benefit from short-term therapy focused on specific issues, while others may engage in longer-term therapy for more complex concerns.

How Do I Know if Therapy is Right for Me?

If you’re unsure whether therapy is the right choice for you, it’s important to consider your personal circumstances and needs. Here are some questions and answers to help you determine if therapy is a good fit.

Our Focus is on You

    Treatment Options and Crisis Resources

    Comprehensive Mental Health Services and Recovery

    At Real Psychiatric Services, we understand that each individual’s path to mental health is unique. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of outpatient mental health services tailored to meet your specific needs:

    Individual and group therapy sessions: Our licensed therapists use evidence-based approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) to help you develop coping strategies and improve your mental health.

    Medication management: Our psychiatric nurse practitioners work closely with you to find the right medication regimen, monitoring your progress and adjusting as needed to minimize side effects and maximize benefits.

    Substance use disorder treatment: We offer integrated care for those struggling with both mental health issues and substance abuse, addressing the complex interplay between these conditions.

    PTSD and trauma therapy: Our specialized trauma-informed care helps survivors process their experiences and develop resilience.

    Depression and anxiety treatment: We provide targeted interventions to help you manage mood disorders and reclaim your life.


    Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health issue that affects individuals who have experienced or witnessed traumatic events, such as abuse, natural disasters or combat situations. Symptoms can persist for extended periods and impact daily life, with women being more likely to be diagnosed than men. Seeking help from healthcare providers is essential for managing PTSD symptoms through treatments like psychotherapy and medication.

    PTSD occurs in people who have experienced or witnessed traumatic events, leading to long-lasting distressing thoughts and feelings related to the event.

    Symptoms include flashbacks, avoidance, difficulty concentrating, and sleep problems which can interfere with a person’s ability to function in daily life.

    Women are more likely to develop PTSD than men due to various factors such as increased likelihood of experiencing certain types of trauma and biological differences in response to stress.

    Treatment options include psychotherapy, medication, and support from loved ones, all of which can help individuals overcome their symptoms and improve overall well-being.

    Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

    Real Psychiatric Services offers comprehensive online therapy for anxiety disorders in the Columbus, Ohio area. Our team uses evidence-based techniques, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, and personalized psychiatry plans to help clients regain control of their lives. Telehealth services provide a convenient and accessible approach to mental health care.

    Depression affects millions of adults globally. Real Psychiatric Services offers comprehensive treatment options, including medication management, telehealth services, and evidence-based therapies to help clients recover from depressive disorders.

    Stress is a common experience that can impact both mental and physical health. Real Psychiatric Services in Columbus, Ohio provides comprehensive support for those dealing with stress-related issues. It’s crucial to seek help when necessary to manage stress effectively.

    Symptoms of stress include headaches, sleep disturbances, fatigue, and irritability.

    Common causes of stress are work pressure, family conflicts, financial concerns, and major life changes.

    Stress affects women’s health by exacerbating pre-existing conditions and impacting reproductive health.

     Unmanaged stress can weaken the immune system & increase risks of cardiovascular disease.

    BiPolar Disorder

    Bipolar disorder, or manic depression, is a chronic mental health condition causing extreme mood swings with episodes of mania and depression. This article highlights the symptoms, causes, and treatments for bipolar disorder.

    Types of Bipolar Disorder: The three main types are Bipolar I (at least one manic episode), Bipolar II (one hypomanic and one depressive episode), and Cyclothymic Disorder (milder form with persistent hypomanic and depressive symptoms).

     Symptoms and Causes: Symptoms include manic (increased energy, elevated mood) and depressive (sadness, hopelessness) phases. The cause is unknown but involves genetic, environmental, and neurological factors. Family history increases risk, as do certain life events or stressors.

    Diagnosis and Treatment: A mental health professional evaluates a person’s mood symptoms and history to diagnose bipolar disorder. Treatment typically combines medication (mood stabilizers, antipsychotics, antidepressants) with talk therapy to manage symptoms effectively.

    Living with Bipolar Disorder: Early intervention is crucial for managing bipolar disorder. Real Psychiatric Services in Columbus, Ohio offers personalized care including medication management and psychotherapy to help patients lead healthier lives. 

    Resources for Veterans and Families

    We recognize the unique mental health challenges faced by veterans and their families. Our specialized mental health care for veterans includes:

    PTSD treatment tailored to combat-related trauma

    Reintegration support for returning service members

    Family counseling to address the impacts of deployment and military life

    We also work closely with the VA to ensure eligible veterans can access additional resources and support services.

    Our Approach to Mental Health Care: Empowerment and Recovery

    Real Psychiatric Services, we believe in:

    Personalized treatment plans: We work with you to develop a care plan that addresses your unique needs and goals.

    Evidence-based practices: Our treatments are backed by scientific research and proven effectiveness.

    Empowerment and resiliency: We focus on building your strengths and developing skills to manage your mental health long-term.

    Our team of professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, and licensed clinical social workers, is dedicated to helping you on your journey to recovery and improved mental health.

    Comprehensive care for mental disorders: We treat a wide range of conditions, from mood disorders to severe mental illness.

    Employment and Recovery Services

    We understand that meaningful employment can play a crucial role in recovery and overall well-being. Our agency offers:

    Vocational assessments to identify your strengths and interests

    Job skills training and resume building workshops

    Connections to local employers and job placement services

    Ongoing support to help you maintain employment while managing your mental health

    Quality Medication Management

    From the privacy of your home

    We provide compassionate person-centered psychiatric counseling and medication management through a reliable internet audio/video connection for the entire state of Ohio. Effective Medication Management reduces the possibility of side effects while helping to manage symptoms. Our mission is to increase accessibility to obtain mental health treatment while treating patients like they are our family members. Whether you’re suffering from anxiety, PTSD, depression, mood disorders, or other mental health symptoms, make and appointment online today.


    Please feel free to explore our blog articles and resources and contact us if you have any questions.